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Vinyl Railing & Decking

Notes from the crew

Make the most of your outdoor space and add value to your property with the best in affordable vinyl decking and railings.

When you’re considering exterior renovations to your Sault Ste. Marie home, choosing vinyl saves you initial and maintenance costs without giving up style. You can have the look of wood without the chemical sealants, nails, splinters or warping.

Tired of your deck, railing, or fence products rotting, rusting, corroding, chipping and peeling causing you to put hours of repairs and maintenance work into them in order to hold onto that nice curb appeal while also keeping them functioning and safe? More and more homeowners are turning to vinyl siding and windows for a maintenance free final touch on their home, what a better idea than to take advantage of those benefits elsewhere on your house. Al-mar Vinyl has been the industry leader since 1997 delivering products that are made of high-impact, weather-resistant polyvinyl chloride material that uses a PVC compound with a high level of Titanium Dioxide for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and acrylic impact modifiers for superior strength and durability. 

In recent years, Al-mar have developed new aluminum railing products in order to offer their customers each their own unique look and feel while also meeting the new modern design with the use of darker colours and smaller, sleek profiles.