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Notes from the crew

True to our name, Home Siding Shop has earned our reputation as a respected specialist in residential siding in Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas.

Homeowners and building contractors can find the material, texture and colour to complement any architectural design. Whether you choose vinyl, metal or faux-stone, we offer both the best prices and installation by trained professionals.


We chose Mitten by Ply Gem as our main siding supplier. The Mitten vinyl product line features a wide variety of profiles and the largest colour palette in the industry, as well as other siding products including wood, engineered wood, fiber cement and steel siding. We utilize their premium product line Sentry 44 Series, we use this line because it offers the thickest panel at 0.44” with a complete selection of 21 Premium & 16 Standard colour options available in 3 different profiles; Double 4.5” Dutchlap, Board & Batten, and Double 4” Horizontal.


Novik is at the forefront of technology and offers attainable luxury that is attractive and easy to install with its unique NovikShake and NovikStone product lines. NovikShake textures and colours are inspired by the depth and beauty of the natural environment, resulting in a perfect harmony with their surroundings.

NovikStone products bring the timeless beauty of masonry, from rustic charm to modern appeal while adding performance and durability that is simply stunning.


For the best bang for your buck, we bring you Gentek’s quality-crafted products that combine outstanding beauty and strength with the luxury of a low-maintenance finish, backed by over 50 years of manufacturing expertise. We use Gentek as our No. 1 aluminum provider, with crisp, clean lines and impeccable style, Gentek aluminum flat stock, soffit and fascia never fails to impress while also protecting the rooflines, gables and other hard-to-reach areas with a durable finish that’s easy to maintain. They offer a variety of profiles featuring a low-luster polyester finish or semi-gloss to create the ideal look for your home.


To ensure that your home will maintain the beauty and durability for years to come we rely on Kaycan’s high-performance products. Along with our other suppliers, Kaycan has a very diverse product line from Vinyl, aluminum, and engineered wood siding and accessories, eaves trough, finishing touches such as shutters, and Versetta accent stone, their products dramatically and cost effectively transforms the exterior of any home. Come into our showroom and take a look at their collection of vinyl siding styles, textures, colours and finishes to suit any project.