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Steel Roofing (Retail)

Notes from the crew

As an expert in exterior renovations for Sault Ste. Marie homeowners, Home. And if you need a new roof, why not consider the durability and versatility of steel roofing? Made of recycled materials and energy efficient, these are the ultimate environmentally friendly roofs.

If you’re thinking about re-roofing, renovating or building new, seriously consider a metal roof by Vicwest. Metal roofs are easy maintenance with these impressive advantages:

  • Not subject to rot, mould, high winds or insects
  • Fireproof – will not burn
  • Outlasts most other roofing materials
  • Contains recycled metal and is 100% recyclable

On top of longevity and eco-friendliness, Vicwest metal roofs come in 6 profiles and an array of traditional and designer colours, from white to earth tones to metallic finishes. Also ask about completing your design with Vicwest trims, fasteners, closures, caulking and flashing. Investing in a metal roof is a choice you won’t regret.